Team and skills

Utego is born of and grows thanks to the profound skills of the team involved in its creation. Thanks to a strong background built on the foundations of marketing, communication, legal, compliance, financial policies and transparent and sustainable company management, founding members and collaborators have the satisfaction of the ecosystem in which users and customers coexist as their sole objective. To guarantee data protection and privacy, the best security and data protection systems on the market are used, with professionals working both in Italy and abroad.

Transparency, the ability to listen and attention to detail are the distinctive traits of those who work in Utego.

Stefano Musso

CEO & co-Founder Utego

I was born in Turin, where I studied and started working. After years of managerial experiences at UniCredit, also internationally, I work today in Milan. Business & People development, Marketing & Communication are the jobs I am most fond of, as well as yoga and surfing the activities in which I take refuge as soon as I can.