Team and skills

Utego is born of and grows thanks to the profound skills of the team involved in its creation. Thanks to a strong background built on the foundations of marketing, communication, legal, compliance, financial policies and transparent and sustainable company management, founding members and collaborators have the satisfaction of the ecosystem in which users and customers coexist as their sole objective. To guarantee data protection and privacy, the best security and data protection systems on the market are used, with professionals working both in Italy and abroad.

Transparency, the ability to listen and attention to detail are the distinctive traits of those who work in Utego.

Stefano Musso

CEO & co-Founder Utego


I was born in Turin, where I studied and started working. After years of managerial experiences at UniCredit, also internationally, I work today in Milan. Business & People development, Marketing & Communication are the jobs I am most fond of, as well as yoga and surfing the activities in which I take refuge as soon as I can.

Andrea Alice Gorletta

IT Engineering Coordinator


For the past two years, I worked and studied as a software engineer. During my free time, I enjoy painting, just I like drawing my future professional path by working for an innovative startup company.

Enrico Corradi

Strategy & Business Development Manager


I worked in industries/markets such as Internet Services (Saas), Imaging, Manufacturing, Automotive and Consulting. I started two companies in the US and I held responsibility for Product Management and Business Development strategies in mid-size global corporations. Curiosity and research always drive interest in deepening my knowledge both in my profession and in my free time.

Vincenzo Liso

Head of Legal & Compliance


I am the founder of GLex attorneys International Corporate law firm and I’m co-founder of Utego. I am usually busy traveling between Bari, where my family lives, Milano, where I work, and several international locations where I have clients…fortunately, traveling is one of my personal interests!

Andrea Depaoli



For the past 20 years, I have worked in software engineering in Retail, Automotive and Telco markets and I have advised start-up companies as well. I believe in the change that start-up companies are bringing to the market and their speed in innovating, like the speed of my Harley Davidson motorcycle, one of my all-time passions.

Francesca Galletta



Since 2011 I work as an Accountant and Auditor in Milano. I earned experience working for APE SGR Spa, an asset management, and there I learned about Private Equity. I specialized in fundraising and more recently I developed a passion for stat-ups and innovative projects. During my free time, I actively volunteer for the Rosa Celeste Cross

Marco Recchi



I'm an attorney in Rome and I received my professional training in Turin, Milan and Bruxelles where I worked on the EU regulation n° 679/2016. Since 1996, I help clients with Privacy regulations and credit issues (certification UNI 11697:2017), but I also enjoy wondering around Italy on my Bonnie T120 and exploring the islands of lake Bolsena onboard of my boat, a traditional wooden gozzo.

Daniele Di Paolo

Head of Sales Utilities


In more than 20 years of business development experience in international B2B makers, I have specialized in Telco, Broadcast and Ho.Re.Ca. mainly in the EMEA area. Soccer and volleyball are among my favorite sports, and they reflect my belief and commitment to team work.

Daniela De Angelis

Accounting and Administration Manager

I have experience in office administration and accounting in various industries: theater, spa, consulting, and now fintech. In my professional experiences, I have always blended technique, knowledge and intuition. The same basic elements of Shiatsu, one of my passions.

The Central Bank of Italy has granted Utego S.r.l. the authorization to provide information on bank accounts according to the art. 1, paragraph 2, lett. h-septies. 1), n. 8, of the Testo Unico Bancario. Authorization n. 36841.5. Therefore, Utego becomes the first Italian account aggregation service that is independent from any banks and other financial intermediaries.
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