Philosophy and values

Utego isn’t just a digital project, it’s more a way of doing business in which everyone involved can interact and give everyone their own advantage. It’s a team effort, a reality in which the continuous dialogue between users, financial institutions, fintech companties, consumer associations and local administrations, come together to win.

This is Utego, new on the scene and already with so much to say.

Here, users will have the opportunity to increase their bargaining power and find the best conditions to meet their financial needs, all in an atmosphere of transparency and professionalism. Financial institutions will be able to come into direct contact with users and listen directly to their needs and offer more competitive services and products.

Through Utego’s marketplace, new fintech companies will also be able to introduce themselves to you and expand the number of potential customers.

Our Values:

To be good for society:

We work every day to improve the financial experience of Utego’s users, citizens of the world, giving them knowledge and bargaining power to make them financially responsible no matter their income level.

Walking unchartered territory:

We drive our project by listening because it is the only enabler of “good in society” and we believe in trying things and take any failure as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

Together. Connected with trust:

This means playing as a team, without individualism. The success of our organization involves our users and customers as well, because we believe they play an active role in our own team. Together means to be good for society in a collaborative environment that is focused on listening, processing and giving back.


Is our ethical value as well as our value proposition: we are independent of banks and institutions, and this is how we earn trust from our users and give back assurance that Utego has their interest at heart, also above the market pressure that might come from financial institutions in our marketplace.

Respect. Also for time:

Respect for values, both personal and professional, respect for others’ beliefs. We respect our own business, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders. We also believe in the respect of time as the balance between personal and professional time as goals in these areas are equally important to us.


In our positive attitude toward our challenges to make profits in respect of our own values and the sustainability of business. Ultimately we grow stronger in our belief to “be good in our society” and to “do good in our society”.

With heart and courage:

We believe that the achievement of the unimaginable becomes possible with heart and courage, desire to learn and generosity. We move forward without feeling exhausted by the journey, but only trusting in the payback that this journey provides. It is with its belief in Italy and with our hearts and courage that Utego embarks on its journey of Corporate Responsibility.

The Central Bank of Italy has granted Utego S.r.l. the authorization to provide information on bank accounts according to the art. 1, paragraph 2, lett. h-septies. 1), n. 8, of the Testo Unico Bancario. Authorization n. 36841.5. Therefore, Utego becomes the first Italian account aggregation service that is independent from any banks and other financial intermediaries.
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