28 Studios is a start-up focused on innovation design and communication that has been supporting Utego during its development path. 28 Studios is the result of a spinoff from Mercurio GP and can count on the experience of more than twenty years in advertising, branding, video-making and a team of experts specialized in various industries such as finance, food, fashion and luxury goods. These are just a few of the strong points that underscore this firm operating under the hashtag #breaktherules.

Experian is a worldwide leader in information services for credit risk management and fraud prevention, marketing, data protection for enterprises and consumers alike. Utego benefits from its partnership with Experian given their competence ranging from geoterritorial data to consumer habits, fraud prevention and analysis of potential business synergies.

UNC core values, centered around independence, consumer rights and education, explain why Utego established a partnership with this organization in support of our growth and our attention towards best practice with regards to consumers. Founded in 1955, UNC is the first organization to receive in 2018 the Anti-trust award as the best Italian Association operating against unfair commercial practice.

Starting from sharing the concept of “aggregation” albeit in the context of different business models, the value synergy between Utego and Flash Being (an Italian Web App that optimizes workflow both at an individual and team level) aims at increasing productivity in business.

Utego supports the organization of the Master in “Digital Innovation and Fintech – The digital transformation in the banking and insurance industries” promoted by the cooperation between the faculties of Economic Sciences, Banking, Finance and Insurance at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, a course of study designed to train new experts involved with the Digital Transformation.

Talents in Motion is the first Social Responsibility project aimed at increasing Italy’s appeal in commerce by connecting the best international talents and prospects with Italian businesses. As a fintech start-up, we at Utego since inception have always supported the circulation of talents in the world of business.

In 2016 Axieme revolutionized the insurance industry pioneering the distribution of entirely digital policies while offering a “giveback” formula. Axieme is also a contributor to our financial education section.

N.1 Digital piggybank in Italy to manage savings and investments. Gimme 5 is the first app to offer customers the possibility to save and invest starting from as low as 5 euros without a fuss. This user-friendly app represents an ideal partner for Utego, particularly on account of its easy to follow approach to explain investment options. Gimme 5 contribution to Utego’s financial education section further broadens the scope of our offering to prospective clients.

Conto Lingotto offers a simplified and safe and easy option to save in gold. It’s a simple, user-friendly and quick way to gradually build a position in physical gold gram after gram. For this purpose we talk about gold also in our financial education section on Utego’s website.

From the minute you register for VAT to the filing of your tax return, QuickFisco is much more than just a tax advisor that thanks to technology speeds everything up. What really makes the difference is in fact the expertise it can offer. We at Utego are pleased to present it to our readers in the financial education section of our website.


The Central Bank of Italy has granted Utego S.r.l. the authorization to provide information on bank accounts according to the art. 1, paragraph 2, lett. h-septies. 1), n. 8, of the Testo Unico Bancario. Authorization n. 36841.5. Therefore, Utego becomes the first Italian account aggregation service that is independent from any banks and other financial intermediaries.
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