Financial aggregation

 - and more! -

 for companies

Which type of companies?

Using a financial aggregator can provide multiple advantages depending on the business they run.

Are you..

a traditional bank, a new-bank or a fintech company?
a consumer credit company?
an insurance or insurtech company?
an e-commerce platform?
a company which operates in the telecom sector, in the energy sector or any other utility?
a credit card issuer?
a financial advisor or an asset management company?
a company that operates in the large-scale retail trade?
a software house which offers accounting and tax software for business? aggregation, IBAN checks and other value-added services,
find your solution of choice at Utego!

The Utego showcase: a new opportunity for companies to present product and services to their marketplace and increase their visibility.

Presenting your products and services in the Utego showcase is easy and free of charge.
This way you may:

  • Use a new tool to make them better understood
  • Measure their perceived quality (coming soon)
  • Attract new potential customers while satisfying their needs
  • Increase fidelization of those who are already your customers
  • Innovate! Well yes, even innovation becomes easier to achieve with Utego, through the activation of a direct channel for listening to multi-banked customers.

The Utego showcase is extremely useful for all companies providing products and services (both financial and non-financial) which potentially can translate into recurring banking transactions.

For which companies:

Financial advisory firms and asset management companies
Consumer credit companies
Traditional banks, new-banks or fintech companies
Companies that offer tax expertise, accounting and invoicing solutions for their business
Companies which operate in the telecom sector, in the energy sector or any other utilities
Credit cards issuers
Insurance and insurtech companies
E-commerce platforms

See for yourself how easy it is to let people know about your offering in the Utego showcase!

The Central Bank of Italy has granted Utego S.r.l. the authorization to provide information on bank accounts according to the art. 1, paragraph 2, lett. h-septies. 1), n. 8, of the Testo Unico Bancario. Authorization n. 36841.5. Therefore, Utego becomes the first Italian account aggregation service that is independent from any banks and other financial intermediaries.
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