Combine your finances

All your bank accounts, always in your eye-sight!

The fastest and easiest way to aggregate and keep your finances under control.

Simple and secure information

You can closely monitor checking and savings accounts, prepaid cards, investments and loans by easily accessing your profile in Utego. Your privacy and data are protected by the latest security systems in the market. You will be the only one accessing all your accounts and linking with other institutions!

A single, organized platform

Assets, Liquidity and Liabilities are the marco-areas in which Utego organizes your current financial position. In each area, you’ll find the details and history of all your transactions organized chronologically or by financial institution.

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The Central Bank of Italy has granted Utego S.r.l. the authorization to provide information on bank accounts according to the art. 1, paragraph 2, lett. h-septies. 1), n. 8, of the Testo Unico Bancario. Authorization n. 36841.5. Therefore, Utego becomes the first Italian account aggregation service that is independent from any banks and other financial intermediaries.
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